What is NimbilityTM? Well, we made it up (hence the trademark), so let us explain why we think this invented concept is important for all of us.

We see nimbility as being able to best adjust to changes in your environment. Why is that so important? We all know continuing, online and distance education is evolving. There are external drivers of change that can no longer be ignored. The market is increasingly competitive. Prospects are now skilled shoppers, surgically comparing programs that fit their goals, time and budget. We must put ourselves in a position to quickly and efficiently meet prospect and student needs.

To cultivate nimbility, we need two elements: a culture that values change and a structure that enables it. Combined, we can have a wide range of responses to internal and external challenges, crafting a structure more likely to be successful in a changing environment.

A step toward that goal is the App State Online Nimbility Index Form. With this form, we want to hear from YOU! Share your ideas, observations and questions. We will use your feedback to start conversations, develop procedures and better support our students.

Let's achieve NimbilityTM together!